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Featured Artist - Denis Verba (@dd_verba)

August 18, 2020

This week Kindred Ink’s Jamie caught up with one of our favourite artists, Denis Verba.  Denis works out of Green Rabbit in Katowice, InkLabs in Dresden and InkDistrict in Amsterdam. Check out his work on Instagram @dd_verba

Denis, tell us how and why you became a Tattoo Artist. How did it all start for you?

Everything started around 8 years ago, at that time I’d just finished a ‘serious’ management role and felt I needed a real change. I decided to pursue my creative and artistic cravings. One day I woke up, took a sheet of paper, and just start to draw. It was an amazing feeling. At the time I didn’t have any idea that drawing would evolve to become my work.  But I immediately knew that it felt special and I should explore it. 

After some time, I started to draw tattoo design sketches for different people. I also sold these same designs as larger artworks.  That was my first step and it came after my friends told me my designs would work well for tattoos. I really loved that feedback and began focusing more on my drawing and aspects such as composition.

I started to study drawing techniques and also themes and senses of drawing and developed my style. I work to make tattoos unique to your personality. Every piece I create has many elements, their interaction and power, the composition, I always try to design them to be unique.

In a few words, how would you describe your style?

Tattoos of a spiritual movement.

What influences your designs right now?

The spirit of nature. Where we came from and who we really are. Understanding why we are here and understanding life here and now. I explore how we can be better to ourselves, self-growth, for better things to happen in our lives, for our earth and the universe.

Of your own tattoos, which is your favourite ink and why?

I love them all! I have one on my wrist/hand which is an abstract piece, it always speaks to people and they so interested why I did it. Interestingly, I decide on this design just ten minutes before the session was due to start.  Everything was so spontaneous, but I love it. Just let it happen and that gives the coolest result.

What’s the most ‘unusual’ tattoo you've ever done and what’s the story behind it?

Wow lots of stories! One which I really remember was to design a simple tree dedicated to the customer daughter.  But, the shape and look of tree was to be the placenta of this girl. I was so surprised because not many people know to really take care of the placenta (because scientists and psychologists say it’s ‘forgotten chakra’). That experience was unique, but all requests I get are always with a deep sense of meaning.

What advice would you give to someone considering having their first tattoo?

Don’t rush! Think about your ideas and make it unique. Tattoos should be special and make you feel cool. Choose a cool artist and openly explore your ideas with them.


How important is aftercare immediately following a tattoo?

Yes, truly important! A safe and clean healing process ensures your tattoo looks good. Also keep your skin in a good, healthy condition by drinking enough water every day and using natural skincare products.  Good skin helps with the tattooing process and helps with the healing after.

If you could ink anyone on the planet who would it be and why?

Oh, it’s my mom! This lady is full of love. I’m incredibly grateful for all things she did for me and she’s real special. I hope to see her this year and tattooed so soon.  But a celebrity? Brad Pitt for sure. I like his personality, his character, I think it matches with the way I’m working, my ideas and tastes. After tattooing him I probably won’t be posting that on my Instagram!  It’s all about process and making great things in life, sometimes it should stay just between the artist and the client.

I really enjoy working with people, all my customers. Each of us are so unique with our own story and our own cycle of life. That’s cool to be connected and help to modify your bodies with new designs to help to make a fresh, new better you. 

 Thank you.



Note: Images courtesy of Denis Verba.

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