A Step by Step Guide to Aftercare

A Step by Step Guide to Aftercare

June 22, 2020

Tattoos are an amazing, permanent work of art. But they are also a kind of injury. Like any wound, having a needle shoot ink deep into your skin requires the correct follow-up treatment.

Proper aftercare in the first few weeks is crucial to help prevent infection and irritation.

Beyond that, caring for your tattoo properly will ensure that sun damage is avoided, your skin gets the necessary nourishment and that your ink looks as fresh as it did the day you stepped out of the parlour.

  1. Covering Up

Keep your tattoo covered with film for as long as recommended by the artist – this usually depends on the size and detail of the tattoo.

As tempting as it is to remove, admire, prod and show off your new tatt, it is important to keep it covered, to protect the wound from germs and sunlight.

  1. The First Wash

 With clean fingers, carefully remove the film. Wash the treated area gently with warm water and antibacterial soap. Pat it with a clean towel and allow it to air for up to an hour.

Once the area is completely dry apply your first layer of ‘Repair’ Rich Butter Balm. Leave the tattoo uncovered to allow your skin to breath.

It is important to avoid any products with harsh chemicals or alcohols. Our balm has none of these nasties, and applying it will soothe your skin to stop you picking and itching.

  1. Week One and Two

For the first few days your tattoo will be healing. It might be warm, red and irritated. Avoid getting the tattoo wet, except from when gently washing.

Apply ‘Repair’ Rich Butter Balm morning and evening to help speed up the recovery process, nourishing your skin with active ingredients ranging from lavender oil, to mango butter.

Wear loose fitting clothing to let the balm sink in and allow your skin to breathe.

Redness or swelling should die down after the first week.

  1. Week Three

Your skin should now have healed making you all set to show of that ink.Time to add ‘Protect’ Daily Tattoo Moisturiser with Factor 50 to your aftercare routine. Even on a cloudy day UV rays can be hugely damaging. Our moisturiser will act as an urban shield and barrier to the sun.

Apply in the morning, roll up your sleeves and show off your art knowing it’s hydrated and protected.

  1. The First Month and Beyond…  

Use ‘Repair’ Rich Butter Balm for the first month. Your skin will be deeply moisturised, bursting with nourishment and smell bloomin delicious. Keep your tattoo clean. You should be fine to go back to your normal showering / bathing routine, now that the outer layers of skin should have completely healed.

Wear ‘Protect’ Daily Tattoo Moisturiser with SPF 50 every day to ensure that your tattoos never wither, wrinkle and fade.


Sometimes our body rejects ink or certain ink colours. If at any of the above stages you experience a reaction such as a rashes or painful side effects, always consult a doctor.


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